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40 Days news 340 Days for Life Spring Vigil 2016 is underway in Santa Clara County,
emphasizing individual prayer, fasting, and community outreach
through peaceful vigil at local abortion facilities.
Click to see our short, informational video.

Additional county-wide events are listed for the two campaigns in the diocese:
San Jose and Mountain View.  Offer a sacrificial hour of prayer each week. Sign up on the websites:  or call Pat at 408-497-7270 or Anne at 337-936-6687


CCW News Trent Horn featureed image

In this podcast, Trent Horn teaches proven techniques about how to engage in
meaningful dialogue that leads another person to a conversion of heart.
The workshop includes participants practicing Trent’s techniques.

We recently recorded a talk given by international pro-life speaker Stephanie Gray which was hosted by Stanford Students for Life. In this talk, Stephanie shares many powerful arguments to consider when having a pro-life conversation. Available in both a 5-minute highlight clip as well as the 1-hour full-length presentation.



Archbishop smile
Recently, CCW produced a series of interviews with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone.  Over several weeks the SF Archdiocese’s website will be adding short clips from the interview which was conducted by Elizabeth Campisi.  Chris Miloslavich directed and edited the project.


trent hornPlease visit our Events page for a list of dates for these inspiring and informative talks!
6 days, 9 events, including Pro-Life Training, The Reality of God, Refuting Relativism, and more.

Presented by CCW and Sidewalk Advocates for Life, San Jose.


Our educator, John Hamlon, presents his class highlighting the essential points of St John Paul II’s thought, particularly his theology/philosophy of marriage and family in The Meaning of Love.

Occurring over 3 Saturdays in August, 2015, this class, presently enrolled over capacity, will be recorded.

CDs of the class will be made available to the public.

Here is the full description of the class, so-sponsored with Our Lady of Peace Gift Shop.


Recently another Christian organization shared a clip from the Stanford Anscombe Marriage, Family & the Media conference last year. Facebook views are continuing at about 100,000 per day. This is great news since currently the Supreme Court is getting ready to vote on whether or not to protect marriage as we know it. Thank you Ryan T. Anderson for such a well presented argument!

From our CD Tota Pulchra ‘all fair” 1700 years of music for Mary. The studio recording session of Tota Pulchra is our gift to you for a donation to our work, please visit:

TOBEC FlyerVisit our table at the Faith Formation Conference, Nov. 21/22, 2014 at the Santa
Clara Convention Center, 5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara.