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Highlighted Past Events from 2021/2022

Understanding the Power of Social Media

St. Patrick’s 8th Graders – Larkspur, CA – March 7, 2022

Culture Project missionaries Dani, Makenzie, Alex, Nicholas and Katheryn we’re visiting from Pittsburgh for a week. While they were here, CCW collaborated with Saint Patrick’s school in Larkspur for the missionaries to present a talk on the healthy use of social media. Special thanks to school principal Angela Hadsell for being such a great partner!

Collaborating for the Good of our Youth!

Topic: Human Dignity – May, 2021

Seeing the need for young people in our county to learn the value of living a life of virtue, we partnered with The Culture Project to begin an ongoing series of talks specifically for 7th and 8th grade students.. After overcoming some obstacles in getting something started, Monsignor Michael Padazinski of St. Patrick Parish in Larkspur helped us to get on a deanery Zoom call to present our idea to the good priests of Marin. CCW’s Chris Miloslavich along with two Culture Project missionaries gave their presentation which was well-received. The goal starting with his first talk is to present them in the Fall and Spring of each school year

Healing Prayer Service – August, 2021

We recently collaborated with St. Patrick parish in Larkspur to put on a healing prayer service for the sick in their parish. Monsignor Michael Padazinski’s was quick to say “let’s do it” and  also immediately offered adding Adoration to the idea. We adapted a rosary which included five decades from three mysteries.
Some of the special intentions were for those fighting cancer, mental health issues, physical injury, COVID, and for families with members that have fallen away from the faith or do not believe in God.
CCW contributor and renowned harpist Anna Maria Mendieta added a perfect musical score to accompany prayer and meditation. One of our Faith Formation 7th grade students contributed by reading the various scriptural passages that accompanied each decade
80-100 parishioners attended on this Tuesday evening. Afterwards, many commented that they would like to experience this on a regular basis. It was a great example of simply using some of the beautiful elements of our Catholic faith, outside of Sunday mass.

Culture Project Talk for 7th/8th Graders

Topic: SOCIAL MEDIA – November, 2021

With Covid protocols still with us, we decided to present another talk virtually to keep our momentum moving forward. The topic this time would be Social Media. We had 3 times the number of parents and students attend this second talk. Many parents commented that the information the missionaries presented was very helpful.
Since the San Francisco CP team was unavailable, CP’s Cleveland team stepped in and did a wonderful job! One of the missionaries present is from the Bay Area and the other had served on the SF team last year. So it was a great fit. We look forward to the next one!

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