Tota Pulchra Concert Highlights

Circling the Bay for Mary is a concert produced by Creative Catholic Works that compiles 1700 years of music celebrating everything Mary has always meant to Christianity: True beauty, unconditional love, vast wisdom, joyful hope and peace.

Based on the CD, Tota Pulchra the ‘All Fair’. Themes include Mary’s Life; Mary, Source of Hope; and Mary, Intercessor for Peace.


Tota Pulchra, ‘All Fair’—1700 years of music of Mary was created to celebrate the work of Pope John Paul II on the 5th anniversary of his death with a tribute on the first page of the CD notes:

“He who at an early age lost his own mother, loved his heavenly Mother all the more, and so he took her into his own home,—Totus Tuus”
Pope Benedict XVI

Featuring mezzo-soprano Liliane Cromer, rising Christian music star Elizabeth Campisi, folk singer Dana Couey, vocalist Frances Peterson and internationally known harpist Anna Maria Mendieta along with guitar, cello, flute, percussion, piano and more. 17 songs from 9 countries in 11 languages.