Voices of Women on St. Edith Stein: Role Model for the 21st Century

WHAT: This 12-episode series is an introduction to St John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, seen through the eyes of the Carmelite philosopher Edith Stein, aka St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, a Catholic convert from Judaism martyred in Auschwitz.

WHERE: Recorded at the Carmelite House of Prayer in Oakville, CA, Professor John Hamlon and his students introduce you to Edith Stein as she helps you come to understand yourself. Our resource is Chapter 2 of Essays on Woman. The series ends with each participant sharing the effect Edith’s thought has had on his or her life. What’s yours?

HOW: You may work through the 3-8 minute episodes singly or better yet as a group—in your home, in your parish or anywhere there is an internet connection. We have created a simple booklet for you to download and print, with space for your personal reflections. Please choose “short-edge binding” and if needed “landscape orientation” for double-sided printing, which is recommended.

WHY: Edith Stein’s work is like dipping your toes into the shallow end of the Theology of the Body, acclimating yourself to this work that papal biographer George Weigel said will be a “theological time bomb, something that [will] explode within the Church … with tremendous effect, reshaping the way Catholics think about our embodiedness as male and female, our relationships with each other, our relationship with God—even God himself.”

Please visit our Theology of the Body Education Center for ideas for more in depth study of the TOB. We would also love to hear your thoughts and insights when you finish the series.

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