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Christine Watkins from Creative Catholic Works on Vimeo.

Mrs. Christine Watkins, formerly an anti-Christian atheist living a life of sin, began a life of service to the Catholic Church after a miraculous healing from Jesus through Mary, which she says saved her from death. She is now a popular Catholic author and speaker, who has been featured on radio and television. Her show, Ties of Faith, airs on Shalom World Television (www.ShalomWorld.org), and her book, Full of Grace: Miraculous Stories of Healing and Conversion through Mary’s Intercession, is a Catholic bestseller. Visit www.ChristineWatkins.com.

Christine Broesamle from Creative Catholic Works on Vimeo.

Christine Broesamle converted from an actively Evangelical Protestant background. No one anticipated the enormous life changes which took place within a few months of her Confirmation as a Catholic, following an unmistakable voice of God in her heart to “do it now”. The next call was even more surprising: a pastor invited her along on a trip to Rwanda, during which she heard the voice of the Lord telling her to return to live there: “give your life away, and spend it on this”. Thus began an ongoing odyssey of faith, obedience, a personal stripping-down, and a discovery of Providence at a level most of us hope we’ll never have to go to.

Christine is a graduate of the former Saint Ignatius Institute at the University of San Francisco, and has a Master of International Negotiation and Policy-Making from the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Development, Geneva, Switzerland. Based in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Christine is frequently in Geneva and Rome. Contact her at christine@CreativeCatholicWorks.org

Topics: Conversion story; missionary call and experiences in Africa and Europe; forgiveness/healing/reconciliation after trauma; living a radical trust in the God of Divine Mercy and the Sacred Heart. Christine is also a singer and offers spiritual concerts as a mix of testimony and interactive worship.