The Early Years

Originally names California Catholic Women’s Forum”, in February, 2005 we offered our first conference focused on the authentic feminism, or what we call “True Feminism”—based on the magnificent Apostolic Letter of St John Paul, Mulieris Dignitatem, on the Dignity and Vocation of Women. We received our non-profit status in September of the same year.

The titles of the conferences include:

  • True Feminism for Real Women: The Church’s Perspective (2005), featuring Rebecca Teti and Marjorie Campbell, J.D.
  • Truth and Beauty: Tools of the Feminine Genius (2005), featuring Terry Polakovic and Barbara Nicolosi
  • Marriage and Family: Now That’s Good for the Children (2007), featuring Jennifer Roback Morse, PhD and Martha McCroskey
  • True Grit: Women Confront Life (2007), featuring Lisa Klewicki, PhD and Tracy Tomiak
  • Vive la Difference: Gender Differences and Complementarity (2008) featuring Vicki Thorn and P Paul Parker
  • Women of the Bible: Trailblazers for Life (2009) featuring Yvonne Florczak-Seeman and Gail Buckley
  • In 2008 CCWF became providers of continuing education credits for nurses and other healthcare professionals, offering classes in the state of California to educate healthcare professionals in their role as advocates for the dignity of life and quality of care at all stages of life. Our accreditation expired in January of 2014. We affiliated with organizations such as the National Catholic Bioethics Center, Center for Bioethics and the Culture, Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Archdiocese of San Francisco Respect Life Office, St Anthony of Padua Institute. Each of these organization is listed in our Resources page.