2010 was a very busy year as we followed the inspirations of the Holy Spirit unaware of where our footsteps were taking us. While working on the last two topics in our series on the dignity and vocation of women—Totally Yours: Walking in the Footsteps of Pope John Paul II and Authentic Feminism and Edith Stein— our direction began to shift.

By 2012, the original board of the California Catholic Women’s Forum began to fall away—yet God in his goodness never let us down, providing alternatives and stretching us every day as we strived to remain his hands and feet in the world.

Several threads converged

  • our board makeup was entirely new—including our first male in March of 2013,
  • we were no longer offering conferences for women but video presentations for all people
  • we had formed a unique collaboration with Milomix Productions of San Rafael—recently relocated from San Francisco.

It was decided that we needed to let go of the old and let the new take root and grow. And so we ventured into the wilderness a second time for Christ. Our new board hails from throughout Northern California as we persevere in our mission.