Creative Catholic Works visualizes a culture that keeps human dignity at the forefront by realizing the truth and beauty of each human being, wonderfully created in the image and likeness of God. Acting upon our experience in the real world, we produce media that explores hot button issues in the culture today, always in the context of authentic Church teaching ie. the truth of the human person.


Our mission is to produce and present media and events that inspire and educate in a new and profound way. Using the liberating teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and art that also moves the heart to action. Our offerings will effectively counter messages of today’s postmodern, materialistic society.


  • To form relationships with individuals and organizations, filming and posting their transformational messages.
  • To utilize social media so prevalent in today’s media-savvy world.
  • We are developing programs to evangelize the culture using various means of communication: video, music, audio, mobile apps, education in a classroom setting.
  • Our programs will be available in multiple formats that meet broadcast standards, including DVD video, CD audio, web video and audio, and transcribed text.
  • Our news blog (linked) details all of our collaborative and home-grown efforts as they arise, focused on the Theology of the Body, Marriage, Family and the dignity of the human person.